About The Artist

Megan Collins is an artist inspired by her lifelong, intimate contact with two oceans… the stormy Atlantic of her childhood, and the beautiful Pacific that surrounds her here in Hawaii.

Megan was born in November of 1962 on a small island off the coast of Maine. There, she was strongly influenced by such artists as the Wyeths and Peter Poskas. A 1985 graduate of Dartmouth College, Megan moved from Maine to Hawaii in 2003, and now revels in the lush foliage and gorgeous tropical flowers that surround her.

Although she has dabbled with a wide range of artistic endeavors throughout her life, her primary love is painting. Her work focuses on Hawaiian hula images and landscapes, flowers, and birds, including her series, "Parrots in Paradise". In addition to painting, Megan is a gifted vocalist who also writes poetry and music.

Today, Megan lives with her family which includes 5 birds, 2 cats, 4 dogs, 2 horses, cows, and several million honey bees on a farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. When she isn't painting, she's busy tending to her flock, collecting honey for The Local Buzz, and seeing to her 30 acres of fruit and avocado trees.